About Us



"Spray More. Swat Less. Smell Good.™" It is our goal to provide a superior smelling, healthier, and more sustainable alternative to bug repellents that are proven effective. We will change your perception of bug spray products.


It is our mission to research and test unconventional natural products to improve the palatability and quality of bug repellents. With our commitment to the preservation of your personal health and the environment, we will provide quality products such as BYE-YOU BUG® that are affordable and accessible to all. Through innovation and education, we will better our customers' habits to ensure proper protection from biting bugs.

We want to empower socially conscious consumers with the knowledge to seek solutions to everyday problems with all-natural and sustainable products.


About Us:

 BYE-YOU BUG® is located in Houston, Texas. BYE-YOU BUG® is owned and operated by 'husband and wife team', Sarah and Ryan McDonner, and mother of Sarah McDonner, Dr. Laura Plunkett, Ph.D., DABT. Ryan McDonner is a Civil Engineer by trade and Sarah McDonner is a classical musician and founder of ECHO: The Energy Corridor of Houston Orchestra. Dr. Laura Plunkett is a toxicologist based in Houston, TX  and has over thirty years experience in the areas of pharmacology and toxicology. 

BYE-YOU BUG® was founded in 2013 in Houston, Texas by Sarah and Ryan McDonner. In our creative search to create a product we realized there was a missing link between common knowledge and existing natural bio-pesticide products. With new knowledge of Vanilla as a repellent and with individual claims of the effectiveness of all-natural ingredients being largely inconclusive and unsubstantiated in the eyes of the scientific community we decided to formulate a product that wasn’t just better smelling, but also effective. Thus BYE-YOU BUG® was born. Since the first BYE-YOU BUG® product hit the market it has become our goal to amend the status quo through our own creativity, research, and testing and we strive to apply this method to all of our products whether they are old philosophies made anew or newly innovated concepts. We feel that our success should be shared globally for the benefit of those who need it most. Let’s make our world a more sustainable place one ingredient at a time. Spray More. Swat Less. Smell Good.™




For wholesale information please contact us at byeyoubug@gmail.com