Shakti Texas - Park Lane Guest House

We love your product line and always have a spray bottle at each cottage and poolside. Our guests love the fresh scents and we love its alignment with our chemical free philosophy. For many people it’s an introduction to your product line.

Shannon S. Texas

We found out about BYE-YOU BUG at our local HEB. Our daughter seems to be very sensitive to bug bite where she get welts. We used this and the bugs have stayed away and it has a great scent.

Tamara G. Houston, TX

My son and I tried this wonderful product. We love the smell and love the results.

Ron C.Houston, TX

My wife stress tested you product at our deer lease near Edna, TX last week. Not a single bite! Also she really liked the scent and the bug lotions. Great Product! I hope H-E-B carries it and wish you much success.

Sandra M.Houston, TX

I love this bug spray for when I'm eating or having coffee outside. It smells so natural that you can eat your meal without being bothered by that chemical bug spray smell other brands have. I honestly swear by this stuff and carry a small bottle of it with me at all times. It's great!

Heather W. Austin, TX - Love of Dixie Blog

Thank you for helping us keep our Sunday family dinner mosquito bite free! It smells like heaven and not one of us that used was bitten by a single #texasstatebird and they were out en force!

J. King Canada

We traveled to Antigua and someone from Houston let us use your bug spray and my wife and I were totally impressed with your product!

Angie G. Missouri City, TX

Thank you so much for your awesome product. My husband borrowed my small bottle of "BYE-YOU BUG" spray that I had purchased. Several of his tennis friends tried it and now they cannot live without it! Will definitely be ordering again!

Desiree L. Round Rock, TX

I LOVE this stuff! Bought my first bottle years ago at Wabash in Houston, TX. I can't stand the smell of citronella, which seems to be in all natural bug sprays. This product actually smells good and it WORKS! I moved to Round Rock, TX after Harvey so I would love it if I could purchase locally. 

Keli J. Baytown, TX 

Please send it back down to Baytown/ Mount Belvieu! I have everyone convinced this is the best product on the market. I have O-blood and I am type 1 diabetic and allergic to most mosquito bites. I break out from most bug sprays and my skin is extremely sensitive and your product does not cause any issues. 

Gayle Houston, TX

A free sample of BYE-YOU BUG was given to me in May of 2018 at St. Basil Greek festival in Houston. The 2oz size was perfect for travelling and I had a chance to use on our trip to Tahiti. The area, like other tropical islands, is infested with mosquitoes. I absolutely loved your BYE-YOU BUG with goat milk and use it day and night. A couple of times I forgot to use it and I payed dearly. Thanks so much for creating and introducing me to such a wonderful LOCAL product.  

V. Brandon Houston, TX

I love your product! I use it in Houston, TX 

Melody N. Atlanta, GA

I love BYE-YOU BUG products as I have been using them for weeks now. I use them on myself and my baby and it works and smells good too. It also feels cool to the skin and not sticky. I am honored to have known the creators of this product personally shout out to Sarah and Ryan. Good products to have in your household especially in Arizona and other warm humid states. No more wasting any money on other products that don't do what they say they do. I am a big fan of BYE-YOU BUG. 

Dale Williams Belize 

Recently went on a fishing trip to Belize and took some BYE-YOU BUG for mosquito protection. It worked great! 

K. Powell-Florip Texas

I love the spray! I spray it on my dog and he doesn't run away or paw at his nose. It works on me too! I struggle to use the chemical sprays.